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Tana Dungsey Rinpoche is the head of two convergent lineages, the Yelpa and Hungkara. The Yelpa lineage was established in the 12th century by a student of Phakmo Drupa (who was a student of Gampopa). The Hungkara lineage was established probably in the 8th century, by a student of Guru Rinpoche.

Teachings Wordwide

Rinpoche travels and teaches in-person and via Zoom throughout the world. Recent topics have included instructions and commentaries on Green Tara, Saga Dawa, and Ngondro practices. Rinpoche was first invited to teach in the west by Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

Sponsor a Tana Monk

Sponsor a monk’s on-going expenses for medical, food, robes, shoes, clothing, personal effects, texts, practice equipment, etc.. Your aid helps tremendously to defray the monthly costs for 80 monks! It makes a huge difference!

Tana Yelpa Foundation

Tana Yelpa Foundation Tana Yelpa Foundation offers religious services (pujas, teachings, meditation instruction, holiday gatherings) and study groups to dharma students in the United States and around the world that follow the Tana Yelpa Lineage Buddhist Mahamudra texts. Tana Yelpa hosts teachings by Tana Rinpoche and other visiting Rinpoches and lamas.

Where Your Money Goes

Your donations will help support Rinpoche’s activities in the United States including formal teachings, dharma talks, pujas and other dharma events. Funds are also used to benefit Tana Monastery, Kollegal, India.

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