Dedicated to the Yelpa Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism

Request Prayers

You may request and sponsor the recitation of prayers by the sangha of Tana monks for yourself or others. Prayers create the positive circumstances needed for the fulfillment of one’s personal wishes or to dispel obstacles that hinder the happiness, prosperity, good health and well-being of loved ones. Our monks do puja prayers every morning and evening, and on significant auspicious days.

Daily Prayers:

  • Green Tara: every morning: for protection, blessings, and for quickly removing obstacles
  • Medicine Buddha: every morning: to heal illnesses and disease for yourself or loved one(s)
  • Mahakala Puja: every evening: to protect from evils, to allow your practice to remain smooth, consistent

You may choose whichever one(s) fits your situation, or if you prefer to ask Rinpoche, please let us know. If you can send a photo to [email protected], we are happy to forward that to the monks to be displayed. If not, the name itself will be displayed on the main shrine.

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