White Tara Weekend Retreat April 12th thru 14th

White Tara Weekend Retreat April 12th thru 14th

White Tara: Empowerment and Teachings

An Opportunity, in a Small Group Setting with Tana Dungsey Rinpoche, to explore the Development and Completion Stages of this Special Kagyu Sadhana


Tana Dungsey Rinpoche has provided White Tara teachings to students in Malaysia, India and Nepal. This will be the first time he will be providing the empowerment and teachings in the U.S. (Adam Kane will provide translation support.)

The goal of this retreat is to provide a conceptual and an experiential understanding of the short form of the White Tara, so that students can benefit from this sadhana as part of their regular meditation practice.

The short form of the White Tara Sadhana that Rinpoche will be presenting is practiced extensively in the Kagyu and other traditions. White Tara has five wisdom eyes in addition to her normal two. Each of these eyes represents one of the five wisdoms. The study and practice of this sadhana cultivates the five wisdoms as a means to remove obstacles. It is particularly helpful in removing those obstacles that shorten ones life. Hence, the White Tara sadhana is one of the three major longevity practices. The other two are the Ushishavijaya (Namgyalma) and Amitayu.


“The study and practice of this sadhana accumulates both merit and wisdom. This practice helps the practitioner obtain common siddhis (like longevity), and  the supreme siddhi when the practitioner realizes they are inseparable from White Tara.”

Rinpoche will be offering individual interviews at the retreat.


Begins at 7p on the evening of April 12th and ends on Sunday April 14th at 4p.

Note, regarding the Friday evening teaching: We have heard from a few people that it is a hardship to attend Friday evening teachings. Although we want to strongly encourage everyone to attend Rinpoche’s Friday introduction to White Tara, we also want to accommodate those for whom this is a significant hardship. If you are one of those who wishes to attend the full Saturday and Sunday retreat, but can’t make Friday evening, please contact us. We will work to find a way to make it possible for you.


This retreat will be held in a Retreat Center a few minutes north of Boulder, CO.

More About Tana Dungsey Rinpoche
Rinpoche is the head of the Yelpa Kagyu lineage and the Abbot of the Tana Monastery in India. After many years of teaching in India, Malaysia and Indonesia, and with strong support and encouragement from Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Tana Dungsey Rinpoche has recently begun teaching in Colorado and New York.
Tsoknyi Rinpoche has encouraged his students to receive teachings from Tana Dungsey Rinpoche. You can access a short video clip of Tsoknyi Rinpoche describing Tana Dungsey Rinpoche below:


More details about the April 2019 White Tara Teaching with Tana Dungsey Rinpoche
Friday evening 7pm (April 12th)
Rinpoche will be introducing and describing the White Tara practice
Saturday morning (April 13th)
Rinpoche will be providing the empowerment for the short form of the White Tara Sadhana and more practice instructions
Saturday afternoon
Rinpoche will begin teaching a depthful understanding of the Development and Completion aspects of this Sadhana.
Sunday (April 14th)  morning
Meditation followed by Rinpoche teachings and questions.
Sunday afternoon
Rinpoche will be providing final teachings remarks and a closing ceremony.

Cost: To cover Tana Yelpa Foundation costs there will be $75 fee for the weekend.  Also, at the closing there will be an opportunity for  Dana (“Heart”) offerings to Rinpoche. (We are offering scholarships to those for whom the fee is a significant hardship. For more information about scholarships  contact us at [email protected])

This space has a retreat building that includes inside and outside areas where people might relax and have lunch. Since we will be 5 miles from restaurants, and in order to maintain the retreat atmosphere, we are offering a lunch option ($25 for both lunches)at the location. We plan to have vegetarian, gluten-free and meat options.
Please plan on bringing a box lunch if you don’t choose the lunch option.
On both mornings there will be tea, coffee, pastries and fruit available at 8am. During the afternoon breaks coffee, tea and light snacks will be available.

These teachings and instructions will be geared toward students who have had pointing out from qualified masters such as Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and who would like to further their insight and understanding of working with obstacles that impede their progress.

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