Monthly Sangha Meetings in Boulder-Denver Area

Due to the corona virus, monthly Sangha meetings are presently on hold. We will be sending emails to everyone when it is safe to continue these gatherings.

These meetings include meditation with Rinpoche, questions and answers, and social time.
Meetings will take place the second Saturday of each month @ 10a-12:30p. Please be on time! Chai and teas will be served. If you have them, please bring your Tana Yelpa chant book and mala.

If you wish to sit on a cushion, please bring one.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! NEW LOCATION: 1 Rose M Road, Jamestown, CO, 80455. If you wish more information please email us at [email protected]

New policy: Rinpoche has opened the monthly sangha meetings to everyone who is interested in Buddhism. (Previously these meetings were restricted to those who had attended a retreat.)

QUESTIONS? email [email protected]

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