Campaign to Stave Off Hunger in the Area Around Tana Monastery in South India

Dear Sangha and friends,

We are very happy to report that the donation campaign was a great success! Tana Yelpa Foundation was able to provide over $20,000 dollars worth of food.  The Tana Charitable Trust in India distributed the food. As a direct result of your kindness and the generous work of the The Tana Charitable Trust in India, people on the ground there estimate that over 1,000 families each received cooking oil and kilos of rice and dahl, the mainstay foods for that region. (See pics below.)
Again many thanks for your generous donations!

Vaccination campaign sponsored by the Tana Dharma Society
Vaccination campaign sponsored by the Tana Dharma Society

And there is more good news! By providing food we freed up the Tana Dharma Society of  Malaysia to direct their resources in India to create what became a very successful COVID vaccination program for those living near and in the monastery.

The vision and oversight of Tana Dungsey Rinpoche, and the non-profits he has inspired, along with the generosity of people like you, make very good things happen!

May 2021 letter from Rinpoche’s sister describing emergency conditions in Tana Monastery region of Southern India

Dear Friends,

I’m Tenzin Dolkar Tana and I’m writing to you from Tana  monastery in South India. As you all know about the grave situation in India due to the 2nd/3rd wave of the dreadful virus and the absolute tragedy it is causing. I couldn’t help but reach out to you all for some support for the nearby poor Indian villages that are suffering not from the virus but from immense poverty since they have all been unemployed for months.

There are about a 1000 (thousand homes) in these villages and they don’t even have basics to survive. Each family needs at least 1500 Indian rupees to buy the basic essentials to last them for a month or two depending on how many members in each family. So we are trying to raise as much as we can to distribute amongst all of them and save their lives from starvation.

We would really appreciate if you all could chip in and help these poor families survive in these dire times. There are a lot of children and elderly in these villages that is going completely malnourished and without food. This is our Dharma in action and we would be highly grateful for the love and support.

Thanking you in anticipation,
Dolkar Tana.

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