Dedicated to the Yelpa Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism

Sponsor a Tana Monk

A recurring donation of $50 per month pays for one monk’s on-going expenses, including medical, food, robes, shoes, clothing, personal effects, texts, practice equipment. Your aid helps tremendously to defray the monthly costs for 80 monks! It makes a huge difference!

In addition, your gift gains the donor much merit. Your help supports Tana Rinpoche’s vision for his monks to receive an excellent physical, modern, and spiritual education. Rinpoche thanks you from the bottom of his heart!

Sponsor a monk with a recurring donation of $50 or more on the Tana Yelpa Donation Form. Sponsoring a monk qualifies the donor for Membership and the benefits thereof (see Membership).

Sponsor a Tana Monk

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