Follow-Up Sangye Yelpa Mahamudra Retreat, May 1-3, 2020

Sadly, due to the COV-19 and the importance of ‘flattening’ the infection curve, we have decided to cancel this retreat. We’ll contact you when the situation has abated and we have a new date. Stay well.

From  Rinpoche:

Dear All, 
As we all know the whole world is in a panic over the covid-19 pandemic that has infected hundreds of thousands of people, with close to 8,000 deaths. The virus is still very active and spreading rapidly through out the world.  As a follower of the Buddha, I would like to advise all of you to have strong faith in the three jewels, stay calm, relax and practice even harder, develop compassion towards the people who are affected and daily chant the  Tara Mantra ‘’OM TARE TUTARE TURE SWAHA’’ as many malas as possible.  And follow the advice of the medical experts that will protect you and your family. My self and the Tana monks have been praying for you and your family to stay in good health and have peace of mind.
Tulku Dungsey Rinpoche, Tana Monastery, India 

For those who attended the retreat, Sangye Yelpa’s Mahamudra of the Natural Condition, last October 25 –27, 2019, Rinpoche will offer a follow-up retreat on May 1-3, 2020.

During the follow-up retreat, Rinpoche will complete the Mahamudra of the Natural Condition text. The remaining part of the text that we will cover is the vipassyana of Mahamudra completion level teachings.

To prepare for this, Rinpoche is encouraging us to review and practice, as much as we can, the instructions in his commentaries and in the text (up to “Introducing the means of realizing co-emergent mahamudra” p.11). As you will remember, these practices include various guidelines, visualizations, and contemplations. They are designed so that they can easily combine into a daily practice.

This retreat is limited to those who attended Rinpoche’s October 2019 retreat where he presented the first parts of Sangye Yelpa’s Mahamudra text.

Registration is now open for this retreat. Click here to register.

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