Tana Dungsey Rinpoche

October 2019 Sangye Yelpa Mahamudra Retreat

The Sangye Yelpa Mahamudra An opportunity with Tana Dungsey Rinpoche, in a small group setting, to explore and experience this Mahamudra text that was written in the 12th Century by the founder of the Yelpa Kagyu lineage, Sangye Yelpa. What “Sangye Yelpa’s ‘MAHAMUDRA OF THE NATURAL STATE: THE INSTRUCTION THAT ILLUMINATES INNATE NATURE’  is a…

White Tara Weekend Retreat April 12th thru 14th

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White Tara: Empowerment and Teachings An Opportunity, in a Small Group Setting with Tana Dungsey Rinpoche, to explore the Development and Completion Stages of this Special Kagyu Sadhana What Tana Dungsey Rinpoche has provided White Tara teachings to students in Malaysia, India and Nepal. This will be the first time he will be providing the…